Convert Any Family Portrait,Landscape Photo,Personal Photo,Group Photo,Selfie Pic,Wedding Photo,Childhood Pic
Into A Professional Oil Painting

 Paintings starting at only $99. Quantities Limited!
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InstaPaint Explained

Instapaint makes getting a professional oil painting a breeze. Simply upload your photo, and we take care of the rest.

We partner with professional artists who freehand paint and add their own unique creative skills to your piece.

With our service, you can:

 Choose your own style - such as photo-realism, abstract expression, and pop-art

 Change background details of the photo – such as the landscape, borders, and colours

 Add extras in the order notes

 Message your painter to keep updated on your painting

 Simply let the painters handle for you if you want no changes to your photo

 Choose expedited service to get your painting in 1-2 days without compromising the quality of your painting, guaranteed. Perfect for those last-minute gifts to important people! ;)

About Us

In 2009, the founders behind InstaPaint were motivated by the goal of bringing high-end, customized art pieces to the end-user with a hassle-free experience. Let us know how you like your art piece! Tag us or follow us on Instagram or on facebook.

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Painted by Professional Artists!

Our painters are professional artists employed by an art gallery. Through our service you can enjoy customizing your painting however way you want.

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This is NOT a Machine Painting!

Instapaint's team of certified professional artists create absolutely stunning works of art that will 'WOW' your friends and colleagues. Our paintings are done by hand and are not a machine printed image that simply 'looks' hand painted. These finished works of art make the perfect gift for a girlfriend, wife, fiancé, business associate, client, lover, friend, brother, sister, cousin, grandparent, son, daughter, aunt, uncle, client, vendor, or simply for yourself!

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Ordering is easy. Simply upload your photo, checkout, and you're done!

We have attempted to make the process as smooth as possible for our buyers.

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How Long Does it Take?

From the time you enter in your order, it will take up to 48 hours for your painting to commence. Depending on the complexity of your image, it takes our painters anywhere from 1-4 days to complete a painting but this can vary depending on the complexity of the painting. For an extra fee you can pay for expedited service so that your painting is prioritised right away, shortening your waiting time as much as possible. Once the painting is finalized and dried, it will be shipped. Shipping speed varies from 5-30 days depending on where you are located around the globe. Rush shipping is also available.

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Can I change the background of my image?

Yes! Background replacement is available. Simply choose from the options when you order or write some instructions in the comments before you place your order.

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Are different styles available?

Yes! Simply upload a reference photo, from which you would like your painting to look like. Or just write a comment to our painters, in terms of how you would like your painting to look; Eg. black and white, cubism, etc.

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How do I order?

Simply scroll down to begin the process. Upload your image either from your device and/or social media account, make a few selections, check out, and your painting will be on its way!

Quick Upload

Our artists will commence work on your painting as soon as your order goes through.

Easy Checkout Process

The entire process only takes 5 minutes.

Upload Any Photo

Or, upload a photo from your phone/computer.

Quick Turnaround

Depending on your shipping speed, you will receive the final product 2-6 weeks after ordering.

Various Art Styles

Don't like the original? Choose something new.

Impress Your Friends!

There literally is no better way to show off than to show them your work of art.

Certified Professional Artists

All of our artists have been professionally trained and all paintings are approved to ship by our staff once complete.

5-Star Ratings

Our paintings receive top awards, year after year.


Prices vary based on size, number of faces in the photo, and finish.
Small Oil Painting Package
Starting at
  • 10" x 10" Square Standard size (or choose another)
  • Standard speed 2-6 weeks from order to door
    - FREE
  • Standart art styles
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Medium Oil Painting Package
Starting at
  • 15" x 15" Square Standard size (or choose another)
  • Standard speed 2-6 weeks from order to door
    - FREE
  • Standart art styles
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Large Oil Painting Package
Starting at
  • 22" x 22" Square Standard size (or choose another)
  • Standard speed 2-6 weeks from order to door
    - FREE
  • Standart art styles
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What Clients Say

  • I was shocked at how beautiful my painting looked when I received it. It looks just like the photo I uploaded, and when you look closely you can see all the detailed brush strokes.
  • Thanks Instapaint for the awesome new painting. I gave my mom a painting of her and I from when I was a child. She loved the painting so much it brought tears to her eyes. Best gift idea EVER!
  • I was a little skeptical at first about the quality of their paintings. Yet after receiving my first order I realized how beautiful and detailed they really are. Hands down, best painting I’ve ever received.

Jaylene G.


Alex S.


Dominique P.