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“Very pleased with how the painting came out. Thanks!”- Rob
“It’s gorgeous! Thank you so much. I’m very happy with it.” – Sabrina
“Look amazing. It's an incredible work of art. Thanks again.” - Joshua
“Wow…thank you so much. This photo is really meaningful for my family and you not only did a great job painting it, you kept true to its time and era.” – Ophelia White
“Okay thank you. i love it. Yes you can ship.” – Rebu Herring
“Stunning. I love it so so much. It’s perfect to hang up in my room! The background details are amazing.” – Josh Tam
“I love it! Thank you. You did a great job.” – Chloe Darlington
“Omg!!! It’s beautiful!” – Christy Capriccio
“Excellent artwork, thanks for your help. Great job with restoring the colors.” – Tom Wilkinson
“Amazing job! It’s my mother-in-law. Thanks for fulfilling all my revision requests.” – Ramira
“Thanks Gia!!! You are a very talented artist!!!!! Looks great Gia, Thank you!!!!” – Matthew Woods
“Oh my goodness it's BEAUTIFUL!!! I'm speechless!! Thank you so so much, I'm thrilled!!” – Olivia Jones

Different Painting Styles

Click on any painting we have done below to use the same style. Or we will choose the best style suitable for your painting.

Or you can make up your own style in the order notes.



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